Monday, September 23, 2013

so much so fast

Been awhile now. A year. A year ago we left our friends and home in Chicago to move to the wilds of suburbia in Michigan. (**note: just rediscovered my previous writings from March 2013 and posted it dated 9/15. This is more accurately dated for Sept. Forgive any repetition but I'm too lazy to edit!)

punk girl
Crazy talk.
Ups and downs, ins and outs. The WhatHaveYous...but it's been overall a good thing. Minus the leaving good friends in Chicago part--and the family there of course. That still sucks a LOT.
We have made some really cool new friends--feeling pretty darn lucky about where we chose a house. Great 'hood.  E finally is in school --the Big K. Only one call from the teacher in one+ week, so I'll chalk that up to awesome.

at the mall with Gram
videoFirst, as the blog was hers first so she wins: Emelia has come a loooong way on getting used to this place. She has grown, physically a ton. Emotionally? we still have our days, but many fewer and often related to the situation not directly from her so that's good. To recap (as some of this I mentioned in a previous post) E started in a daycare in the town close to my folks while we lived with them from Sept-Dec last year. That place had some good folks (especially in the babyroom! for Alexia) but it never felt like the right fit. When we moved, she ended up in a 3-day-part time preschool (here with a bat at the Cranbrook Institute) while being with her sis the majority of the time at this amazing woman's in-home-daycare.
graduation from pre K
 The daycare part is great--wonderful lady, her staff, her family, her dogs! We couldn't ask for a better place (other than Home itself). Both girls thrive there and we feel part of a community because of the nucleus this place provides. The preschool though? well, not as thrilled. Got done, got out, had a fun summer!
Also accomplished: Emelia learned how to do somersaults from the girls at daycare wheee!
Kept up and improved her reading. Better at Being a Big Sister. Helps a lot at home (when nagged, sure, but she's feeding the cats, setting the table, cleaning up a bit--and making pupcakes of course when we can! And doing nails...) Went from refusing to swim to water wings+innertube+life jacket to just wings!  Now she's just started Jazz and that's cool too. Last night, we even made an apple pie together after an afternoon at Erwin's Orchard. 
Biggest deal ever:  Rides her bike with no training wheels!! super cool. Like 2 weeks out and tools around like a boss.
just prior to trying to make friends with a
coffee table and 1st ER visit May '13

Alexia: sheesh! well, she is going through her first year--so the changes are mind numbing. Last winter's illnesses got her immune system kicked to the curb. Got ear infections...a few. Sorta better, not really, still upper respiratory easily with colds. Seeing an ENT and trouble shooting with allergy meds. Considering surgery for adenoids but waiting...her weight just doing about the same as she went from baby fat and rolling around to running! OMG runs (and trips still). And tries to jump.
 And tries to say words, and mimics and oshiz did one somersault when E was doing them a lot (lost my breath on that one). O and she likes to climb. Outside of the staircase, on the stairs (wait, I can't stand on em and plop backwards??? = multiple perklumks and resultant ice, etc).
orchard 9-22

In May, she had a run in  (literally) with the Grands' glass table. Harsh. Glued back together and still has some scarring--which adds to her expressions. Which are many. Toddler tantrums: you bet. Improving FM skills? yup. Hand dominance? Gram rooting for Left, as yet undetermined.
teaching Alexia how to navigate teh webz
Self feeding: sloppy! But effective as she does enjoy food. (date=daight? daaaaayight!! B-nala. MINE. EAT EAT and copies any word E tells her to) Dancing like her sister used to: hilarious. Quit the boob at mid-july due to extenuating circumstances out of town...And she just took to eating more.
 But her weight is still a rockin 21.2#--leaner and meaner, I guess. Hair dyed blond and skinned knees as they both got great summer exposure! love picking up kids filthy from a good day of play! It rocks.
Cats: they decline to comment. However, they seem to appreciate the less-wee one feeding them (she pours in more than I do) and the mas-wee one is proving to earn her keep at petting attempts. Black kitty pleased. Purr. Little do they know my evil plans to adopt a dog next year (if we can get one from Nature's Kennel).

Folks/Us: Getting there. New jobs, me my second (and we're keeping that way!). Settling in. Dealing with trauma. Having the Grands to support is priceless. Been making new friends (I hosted a euchre/kids fiesta!) Home remodeling with our Project Engineer Pop-pop--setting up gas stove, hood to the outside, making bench/horses. D has mastered the handy tools of the home--slicing and dicing the deck to prolong it and dang it looks a lot better!!  The weather gods have not yet deemed we may paint it, but getting to it. I've been gardening with my Master Gardener Gram to support me, Handy PE above digging up perennials to steal away to us here. The daycare girls do some onsite supervision so I can go up to my knees in chasing evil weeds, so that's been helpful at this end of summer. My experience with poison ivy is thus far a miserable one...but I plan on surviving that too.

with aunt C in May
All in all, tis good. We'd like to catch up and revisit Chicago for a much-overdo bday gathering. And we miss peeps.  A lot. But we are home now, and we'll get the hang of it. Emelia and Alexia will show us how! It's really only more fun as we go, isn't it?

because floor.

putting on her own shoooz July-ish

Easter eggs with food coloring
the cheez stands alone (spring 2013)

At the beginning of the summer....

on a structure in Chicago spring
supervised. of course

....end of summer!


if only every time...
finger/body painting. August '13

just chillin'

facepainting at a BBQ thang we went to July

teaching SuperMarioh!

shared suckers. ew.

and the hair goes SQUEEEE

waiting for her to rock on her toes soon 

dancing with new friends!

not sure if this was intentional. Scary.

hurr hurr hurr!!


playing in the neighbor's yard

attempts to tattoo are constant

dancing on the repairs!

waiting for the bus, 1st day of K-gren
end of first day of school!!

2nd day: still ecstatic

want piiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeee Pop-pop's bday                         reading with Gram on a random visit

started Jazz!! week after 1st week school

still working on safe ways for Alexia to scale the stairs.
We've had a few falls from midpoint...butt is best 9-13

at the orchard

making pie! 9-22-13


1st day

where do you hang out? 9-13
after 5th bday (don't know where those pix went)

ode to a small chocolate egg discovered one spring...

painting required prep work this spring